Document the exact location of underground cables in an instant

Groundhawk is a fast and cost-efficient way to conduct real-time as-built documentation with the exact location of underground cables.

With Groundhawk you will save on measurement costs, speed up the completion of contracts, ensure high quality with image data and fulfill the required measurement accuracy.

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The benefits of Groundhawk

Precise mapping accuracy

  • Precise location of cable <10cm (x,y,zaccuracy.

  • Photo evidence to validate measurements and trench cables, protections etc.

Real-time project management

  • Progress follow up for all parties in real-time.

  • Documentation during construction shortens the project.

High quality work documented

  • Mapping and documentation during the construction motivates the contractor to do quality work.

  • Large quantity of photos brings credibility, validation and evidence for quality documentation.

Overall cost efficiency

  • Less quality costs for all parties.

  • Finishes faster because no extra mapping phase needed in the end.

  • Less hidden costs from unclear communication.

So, what's in it for you?

Using Groundhawk has many benefits. Watch a short video to learn more. Remember also, that you can always book a meeting to try Groundhawk in action at your worksite.

Join the revolution

Groundhawk revolutionizes documenting the exact locations of electrical and telecommunications underground cables. The new method is more accurate and meets the requirements of 10 cm accuracy in x,y,z.

  • Save on measurement costs

  • Speed up the completion of contracts

  • Fulfill the required measurement accuracy

  • Ensure the quality with image data

Easy to fit into current way of working​​

Groundhawk in a nutshell

Discover how using Groundhawk changes underground cable mapping and documentation - download the brochure to find out how you can get ahead of competition.

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