High precision
GPS positioning
and advanced AI

Real-time as-built documentation with geo-tagged photos of the whole trench and each network element. Precise accuracy.

The risk for human error is reduced as advanced 3D modelling, machine vision, and precise positioning take place in the background. Ensure high quality results. The era of paper notes is over.


With Groundhawk you 3D scan the trench in seconds. High precision GPS positioning and advanced AI makes mapping precise and the device easy to use - by anyone already onsite.

Mapping of cables and protection

  • Accurate location measurement of cables X, Y, Z (m above sea level) and relative depth D (cm from ground level).
  • Position measurement of several cables at the same time (joint construction).
  • Accurate location measurement of protections (gutter, pipe, SRE, concreting, etc.) where they start and end.

Compatible data formats

  • Supports the most common file formats such as DXF, TKY, KLI, GeoJSON and more.

  • Supports network operator code lists.

  • Supports local coordinate systems.
  • Browsing images on the map (KMZ file).

Points of Interest

  • Switch cabinets and numbers.

  • Extension points, probes, undercuts, poles, wells, transformers, etc.

Geotagged photos

  • Each cable protection in the open trench.
  • Overview of the cable duct.
  • Before starting work.
  • Post-documentation.

Real-time as-built documentation: With Groundhawk it is easy to meet accuracy standards

Groundhawk in a nutshell

Discover how using Groundhawk changes underground cable mapping and documentation - download the brochure to find out how you can get ahead of competition.

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