Want to try Groundhawk in action?

You can try Groundhawk at your worksite, delivering the data you need, for 4 weeks. With the pilot you ensure that Groundhawk is easy to use on the field and that the data is in correct format for documentation purposes.
Mapping data and photos is delivered throughout the project.
So, before you dig deeper – book a meeting to learn more about Groundhawk and how you can try it in action at your worksite.


Structure of a 4 week pilot project


Agree on users, worksite, data specifications and device shipping.

Pilot project kickoff

Week 1: Training of the users and ensuring mapping as well as data delivery works smoothly.

Usage on the field

Week 2-3: Normal usage on the field. Weekly follow up with users.

Next steps

Week 4: Summary of learnings from pilot and decisions on next steps.

What does the Groundhawk pilot project include?

Pilot project is a good way to kickstart your journey into the future of underground mapping. The pilot project has a nominal fee.

During the pilot project:

  • You and your team will learn how to use Groundhawk.

  • You will realize the value Groundhawk brings to your daily work and notice how easy using Groundhawk is.

  • We will ensure that Groundhawk works in your environment.

  • We ensure that Groundhawk provides correct data formats meeting your needs.

  • We will make sure that Groundhawk brings you value from day one.


  • One Groundhawk device as a loaner

  • Compatible data format & network owner codes

  • Data delivered within two work days

  • User training in Teams

  • Regular follow up meetings during pilot

Start your pilot project by filling the form

Fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the pilot project. You can also contact us by email: sales@groundhawk.io