Precise cable mapping and documentation during cable installation

Groundhawk - the future of underground cable mapping and documentation

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Meet Groundhawk, the future of underground cable mapping and documentation.
Exact and real-time open trench mapping is now a reality – and easier to conduct than ever. Thanks to Groundhawk’s precision GPS positioning and advanced AI, the mapping can now be done by anyone on site – at an affordable price.
Map the underground cable trench already during the construction phase. 3D scan the trench in seconds and capture also the depth. Track the progress of your projects in real-time.
High-quality documentation with geo-tagged photos of the whole trench and each network element. Keep your project managers and customers informed on the progress.
With Groundhawk, you automatically map the depth and meet accuracy standards. So, before you dig any deeper - contact us and try Groundhawk in action.

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Groundhawk in a nutshell

Discover how using Groundhawk changes underground cable mapping and documentation - download the brochure to find out how you can get ahead of competition.

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